Sweet Almond Oil Natural Carrier Oil – 16 oz Cleansing Properties Evens Skin Tone Treats Irritated Skin Nourishes Moisturizes & Prevents Aging Premium Nature

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Premium Nature’s Sweet Almond Oil is a natural & healthy moisturizer and skin treatment with therapeutic & healing properties that serve a multitude of purposes! BENEFITS: • 16 Fl. Oz. | 473 ml.• All Natural• Cleansing & Detoxifying• Evens Skin Tone• Treats Troubled Skin• Moisturizer For Face & Body• Suits All Skin Types• Great Carrier

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Premium Nature’s Sweet Almond Oil is a natural & healthy moisturizer and skin treatment with therapeutic & healing properties that serve a multitude of purposes!


• 16 Fl. Oz. | 473 ml.
• All Natural
• Cleansing & Detoxifying
• Evens Skin Tone
• Treats Troubled Skin
• Moisturizer For Face & Body
• Suits All Skin Types
• Great Carrier Oil
• Add Shine To Hair

Premium Nature’s Sweet Almond Oil is rich in vitamins, nutrient rich lipids, & omega fatty acids. It is known for having a softening effect on the skin and increases skin’s moisture level due to its emollient properties. This oil is used often in spas for aromatherapy and massage because of its lightweight yet moisturizing properties & mild, pleasant scent. Sweet almond oil is great for protecting and adding shine to hair. Add it to your favorite conditioner for shine boosting effects & as a styling aid to prevent split ends & combat frizz. Massage this oil directly into your scalp to treat dandruff and dry scalp, and to stimulate hair growth. Add it to your homemade natural skin care products or use on its own. It’s great for all skin types & will soothe itchy, chapped, dry & inflamed skin. Sweet Almond Oil smoothes fine lines & wrinkles, thereby preventing and reversing the signs of aging. A unique quality of this oil is its skin lightening effects due to a special ingredient called niacinamide, which naturally lightens skin so you can safely & gently spot treat hyperigmented areas of the skin, lighten suntans, dark under eye circles, & age spots. Sweet Almond Oil is cleansing, detoxifying, & rich in vitamin A, making it perfect for acne prone & troubled skin.

Premium Nature’s Sweet Almond Oil is a multi-purpose beauty treatment that you’ll never want to be without!

Product Features

  • CLEANSING & DETOXIFYING: Sweet Almond Oil penetrates deeply into the skin and dislodges dirt and debris accumulated in the skin pores and hair follicles. Its vitamin A contents prevents blackheads and acne flare up.
  • EVENS SKIN TONE: Sweet Almond Oil contains niacinamide, which naturally lightens skin pigmentation, making it a great spot treatment for hyperpigmentation, lightening sun tans, dark under eye circles, blemishes and age spots.
  • GREAT CARRIER OIL: Sweet Almond Oil is the perfect carrier oil. Just add the essential oil of your choice to make a customized massage oil or use as is. It suits all skin types, glides on smoothly and is extremely nourishing.
  • SUITS ALL SKIN TYPES: Sweet Almond Oil is hypoallergenic, all natural and gentle enough to be used by all skin types. It won’t irritate sensitive skin or cause breakouts in acne prone skin since it doesn’t clog pores.
  • SOFT AND SMOOTH SKIN: With vitamins A, E , B, & D, and also Zinc, Calcium, this oil gets absorbed without blocking pores. It is lightweight and odorless, and calms skin inflammation, making your skin touchably soft and smooth.


tishtosh says:

All the dry, flaky skin on my face, legs and arms is now dewy fresh and moistened. Love this oil, feels smooth and nourishing.It’s the best moistener I’ve found for the dry, flaky skin on my legs and arms that have been bothering me for years. This oil made all the flakes disappear and my skin is now smooth and soft.

Avanté Guardé Seoul says:

❌❌ REVIVED THE COLOR IN MY TATTOOS!!! ❌❌ After ordering a small sort of “sample” size bottle of sweet almond oil, I immediately jumped on the bigger size right away! After smoothing it onto my skin at least once a day, I’d noticed that the colors in my tattoos were as vibrant as the first day I’d gotten them done! I was amazed, and literally all my friends immediately took notice as well. I was actually considering getting my tattoos touched up to revive the color in them, but with this oil, it’s saved me a ton of money and…

Malika S. says:

4 stars for now until I use more I just received this product Sunday and let me tell you that I’m impressed. I’ve been having super dry skin issues. This helped me to moisturize my dry skin. I also plan on using this in a diy recipe for feminine wash. This oil has antibacterial properties. All in all so far I’m loving it.

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